Supplied by Lily is a Luxury Lifestyle & Student Stationery brand, founded in July 2016, the Netherlands. Our main goal is to make you feel motivated, organized and empowered. We want to help you turn your wildest dreams into reality, and make you look stunning while doing it. We believe that beauty empowers intelligence – so your stationery should be practical and pretty. You can say that beautiful stationery is totally our cup of rose infused tea.

Supplied by Lily started as an idea from the blogging and vlogging Law (LL.M.) and Philosophy (B.A.) student Lilia Kazakova. As a university student, she could never find stationery that was specifically designed to fit students’ needs, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. So if you cannot find it, why not create it yourself? The idea of creating Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery was born.

Supplied by Lily originally started with the Desk Planner in Luxurious Marble. Ever since, Supplied by Lily has launched a new collection every year. Now, four years later, Supplied by Lily has launched her fourth, and biggest collection yet. We’ve expanded our collection with 22 different items from planners to desk accessories – making Supplied by Lily Stationery accessible to anyone who loves pretty practical things. It does not matter if you are a student, intern, full-time employee or entrepreneur – our stationery will help you turn your dreams into actual plans.


Being designed by a graduated student, female entrepreneur and fulltime Miss Independent, all Supplied by Lily stationery are tailored to your unique needs. We know what the struggle is like; we’ve been there. So we know how to fix it too. We have tried and tested all the different planners, to do lists, schedules, notebooks, and overviews, and could thus create the most effective stationery and school supplies out there.

Our products consist of various Planners, Folders, Notebooks & more. The Supplied by Lily Student & Lifestyle Desk Planner are our best-selling and most loved product: It’s the perfect planner to schedule your week whether you are a student or working full-time. This year, we expanded our collection by adding the Desk Note Pad – an at home version of the Desk Planner, with more space to write down your thoughts, scribbles & anything else important.

In addition to the Planners, we also launched A4 & A5 Spiral Notebooks, as well as the Limited Edition Classic Notebook. Use them to write down all your notes or brilliant ideas. Furthermore, this year’s collection has new desk accessories to create your home office of dreams, featuring aesthetically pleasing document folders, sticky notes & to do lists.

Aside from the different products, Supplied by Lily items come in multiple different Collection Prints. Aside from the Luxurious Marble, Luxurious Blush Floral, Luxurious Amethyst, and Luxurious Rose Gold from previous collections, this year we added the Luxurious Toile de Jouy print, as well as the Luxurious Astrology & Luxurious Rose Quartz collection.

About lilia kazakova

Lilia Kazakova is the founder of Lily Like and Supplied by Lily Luxury Lifestyle & Student Stationery. Born in Amsterdam, but originally from Russia, she studied at the University of Groningen (RUG), doing a double degree in Law (LL.B.) and Philosophy of A Scientific Field (B.A.). After finishing her LL.B. in Dutch Law with an average of 8.0/10.0, she decided to pursue the Research Master in Law (LL.M.) and Philosophy of a Specific Scientific Field (B.A.). During her degree, she decided to move to the United States to pursue her American dream. She graduated from the General LL.M. at George Washington University Law School (GWU) in Washington DC, and now runs her company out of Los Angeles.

Even though having a legal background seems a bit peculiar for running a stationery business, she strongly believes that her knowledge about law and philosophy helped her to stand out in the crowd. It taught her to think outside the box, which is something that she thinks is very valuable in life. Being able to juggle both a double degree as well as running a successful webshop and social media platforms, taught her to be time-efficient and productive. Coming from a female entrepreneurial and creative family, being her own boss was just something she was born with. Plus it is pretty practical to be able to write your own contracts and terms and conditions. 😉

Read more about Lilia Kazakova, and the person behind Lily Like and Supplied by Lily here.

“Supplied by Lily, Achieved by You.”

xo Lilia