THE Inspirer

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

The Inspirer is driven by her love for philosophy, justice, and anything to make this place a better and more beautiful place. She is passionate, fearless, and emphatic. The Luxurious Yashma print is a perfect match for her. Inspired by the beautiful marble quartz stone Yashma (in Russian), or Jasper in English, it is said to bring its wearer health and passion, but also courage to face unpleasant tasks and the ability to rectify unjust situations. A symbolic meaning that fits the Inspirer like a glove. With the Luxurious Yashma print stationery, she is ready to take on the world, in style of course!


“Be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with class.”

The Flower Girl is a feminine femme fatale. You love hanging out with your girls, dressing up in pretty dresses, and buying and receiving flowers. The Luxurious Floral and Lilac Floral Collection would be your best pick. Not only does it match your feminine style perfectly, it will also help you score that A+ in every class. When you achieve your dreams and goals, you truly blossom, like a flower. From the To Do List in Luxurious Floral to the Desk Planner Grande in Luxurious Lilac Floral, with her favorite stationery items she will be able to turn her dreams into actual plans.


“I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.”

The Fashionista is all about style and aesthetics. She does not mind being fashionably late to meetings, because she knows her presence and intelligence will always make up for it. Not only does she always look flawless, she also aces any meeting or exam. She is always over-dressed and over-prepared, because she believes that being either never hurts. Her perfect print would be the beautiful 18-century Toile de Jouy print. Use the Student Desk Planner in Luxurious Toile de Jouy to turn your dreams into actual plans. With the A4 Spiral Notebookl, and the travel-friendly A5 Spiral Notebook, you will be unstoppable!


“Every dream starts with a dreamer.”

The Dreamer believes everything, with enough will and motivation, is possible. Every day is filled with miracles and magic, and she knows she can achieve whatever she wants – if she can dream it, she can do it. The Luxurious Astrology Collection would be your perfect choice. The Luxurious Astrology print is a beautiful combination of a dark blue starry sky filled with rose gold constellations. In this collection, you can find the Desk Planner, both in the Student and Lifestyle version. In addition, the Classic Notebook in Luxurious Astrology would be the ideal item to use if you love journaling and writing down your thoughts. And if you need both, you can also check out the Luxurious Astrology Bundle.


“The world is your oyster.”

The Wanderess has a free spirit, a creative mind, and messy hair. You love to travel the world, spending your time in nature, philosophizing about your past and your future. You see happiness as the ultimate form of success, and you don’t care about societal pressures of fitting into the norm. The Luxurious Amethyst Collection would fit the best with your lifestyle and aesthetic. Amethyst is known for its power to remove negative energy, and encourage inner strength, wealth, and clarity of the mind. The Student and Lifestyle Desk Planner in Luxurious Amethyst will help you to organize your ever-flowing ideas, and help you to stay positive. Because you have so many creative ideas and thoughts, using the A4 Spiral Notebook in Luxurious Amethyst, combined with the A5 Spiral Notebook for on the go, will keep you feeling in control, and make you more productive. Keep all your documents organized & secure in the new Document Folder, and transform your desk space or home office to an Amethyst gemstone with the Desk Note Pad in Luxurious Amethyst.


“Love is the magic that makes everyday feel like a miracle.”

The Romantic is someone who always sees the good in the world. Everything in your world is beautiful, rosy and kind. The Luxurious Rose Quartz Collection would be your perfect choice. Rose Quartz is known for its heart healing properties. Its loving and healing vibrations help replace heavy emotions, and blockages clogging the heart chakra, and replaces it with the energy of love. With the majestic rose quartz print, all your notes will look beautifully feminine and cute. The Lifestyle & Student Desk Planner as well as the Desk Note Pad would be ideal for you to keep track of your meetings, homework and romantic dates.


“Less is always more.”

The Minimalist is naturally very organized, with a soft spot for anything monochromatic, and avocado toast. You enjoy the simple things in life, and want everything too be practical, yet aesthetically pleasing. The Luxurious Marble Collection would be your perfect choice. With the simply beautiful marble print, your desk will look like a minimalist dream in no time. Marble is known for its power to provide strength of self-control and serenity. The Student Desk Planner in Luxurious Marble would ideal for you to keep track of your day-to-day schedule, keeping your body and mind stress-free. In addition, you can use the A4 Spiral Notebook in Luxurious Marble to create aesthetically pleasing study and work notes. Last, but not least, use the A5 Spiral Notebook in Luxurious Marble as your to-go companion whenever a creative idea pops up into your head.


“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

The Miss Independent is a true boss lady. A force to be reckoned with. You are a hard worker, that does not take no for an answer – from anyone. You strongly believe that you can achieve anything you want, if you truly go for it. You are not afraid to dream big, because you truly believe in yourself and your abilities. Your confidence shines brighter than your on point highlighter, and you rock those red lips and high heels with perfect elegance. The Luxurious Rose Gold Collection would be a perfect match for you. The Lifestyle Desk Planner in Luxurious Rose Gold will help you to create a productive daily routine, keep your finances in check, and turn your can’ts into cans. You don’t need anyone else – with just your Supplied by Lily Lifestyle Desk Planner in Luxurious Rose Gold on your side, you’re able to run the world. The rose gold details symbolize your love for luxury and glam, while the lily print shows that feminine can be powerful too.