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The Supplied by Lily #Girlboss bundle is the perfect kit for anybody that needs to get sh*t done. It comes with 2 Supplied by Lily Spiral Notebooks in Luxurious Marble and Luxurious Floral for all the perfectionists out there that make a LOT of notes, ánd the Supplied by Lily To Do List in Luxurious Floral, which will take your to do list-making to the next level. And of course you will get a discounted price on this bundle as well!


  • Description

    With every Supplied by Lily order you will also be able to join our exclusive private Facebook Group where you can meet other me and Girlbosses and talk about study, university, life and much more!


    The Supplied by Lily Spiral Notebook in Luxurious Marble & Luxurious Floral is an essential for any student. It comes with a marble soft-touch front and back and contains 70 lined pages for writing notes, summaries or schemes. On top, it has a section where you can write the name of the course and the date. This way, you will always know to what course the notes belong to and when you have made them. Down below, you can find a little square where you can put the page number of the notes. This way, you can use the Spiral Notebook for multiple courses, then tear out the pages once you are finished with making notes, and number them accordingly to the amount of pages you actually used for a particular course.

    The Supplied by Lily Spiral Notebook contains:

    • An inspiring quote on the inside of the cover to make you feel motivated.
    • A section where you can write ‘Course’ and ‘Date’ to help you organize your notes.
    • A square on the bottom where you can number the pages to your liking.


    The Supplied by Lily To Do List is not your average to do list. It is not only extremely beautiful (nothing wrong with being extra), but also very practical. It comes with 3 different sections to organize your daily tasks (Work – Study – Other) and 3 different priority sections (Must Do Today – Should Do Today – Could Do Today). Say goodbye to endless, unorganized to do lists, and hello to a clear overview of all the tasks you have to do everyday! The To Do List comes with in the Luxurious Floral cover and contains 100 tearable pages.

    The Supplied by Lily To Do List contains:

    • 100 pages of to do list making.
    • Sections to organize your tasks subject wise (Work – Study – Other).
    • Priority sections to organize your to dos depending on their urgency level (Must – Should – Could Do Today).
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    Weight 1000 g

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