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The Supplied by Lily Inspirer is the perfect set for any creative minds out there. If you are always on the go, and prefer carrying smaller notebooks to write down all your creative ideas, notes, and thoughts, then the Inspirer Bundle is the way to go. This Bundle consists of the A5 Spiral Notebook in Luxurious Amethyst, Luxurious Marble, Luxurious Blush Floral, and the Student Desk Planner in Luxurious Amethyst. Get this Supplied by Lily Inspirer Bundle for a discounted price now!


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    With every Supplied by Lily order you will also be able to join our exclusive private Facebook Group where you can meet other me and Girlbosses and talk about study, university, life and much more!


    The Supplied by Lily A5 Spiral Notebook is the ideal addition to the big A4 Spiral Notebook. It’s perfect for taking with you when you are travelling, or whenever you want to carry that cute bag with you, rather than your enormous tote.

    The A5 Spiral Notebook comes with a soft-touch front and back, a rose gold Supplied by Lily logo, a rose gold wire-o, and contains 70 lined pages for writing down all your creative ideas, notes or outlines. At the top of the page, you can find a section where you write the name of your subject and the date. This way, you will always know what subject your notes are about, and you don’t have to worry about losing them right before you started outlining for that important exam. At the bottom of the page, you can find a space to write the page number of your notes. This enables you to use the A5 Spiral Notebook for multiple subjects in one academic year. Just tear out the pages once you are finished with making notes, and number them accordingly to the amount of pages you actually used for a particular subject.

    The Supplied by Lily Spiral Notebook contains:

    • An inspiring quote on the inside of the cover to make you feel motivated.
    • 70 pages to fill with your creative ideas, thoughts & study notes.
    • A section at the top where you can write ‘Course’ and ‘Date’ to help you organize your notes.
    • A section at the bottom where you can number the pages to your liking.


    The Supplied by Lily Student Desk Planner in Luxurious Amethyst (also comes in Luxurious Marble, Luxurious Floral & Luxurious Blush Floral) is an essential for anyone that is currently in school, college, or university. It has a yearly overview, a monthly overview containing 12 months, and a weekly overview featuring 52 weeks. All overviews are without dates. This way, you can fill in the dates yourself, and skip a week when you are not using the planner (hello holidays!), so you won’t waste any page.

    Aside from the 12-months and 52-weeks overview, the Student Desk Planner is also filled with various to do lists for study and work, semester overviews, exam and paper planners, motivational quotes and questions, deadline and exams overview sections and achievement plans. It has everything you need to turn those can’ts into cans, and those dreams into plans!

    The Supplied by Lily Desk Planner in Luxurious Amethyst is made from 90 gram paper, making the paper truly transfer-free. You can use it with any pen or highlighter you like, without worrying about those annoying stains on the other side of the paper! The planner has an amethyst soft-touch front and back cover, rose gold Supplied by Lily logo, and a rose gold wire-o.

    The Supplied by Lily Student Desk Planner contains:

    • 1 Yearly Overview
    • Achievement Plan for 2 Years
    • 2 Semester Overviews
    • 12 Exam Planners
    • 8 Paper Planners
    • 12-Months Monthly Overview
    • 52-Weeks Weekly Overview
    • Motivational Quotes, Questions, Stories, and more!
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